The 6 best gin glasses for your G&T

If gin is your go-to spirit, make sure you select the right glass to make your gin cocktail taste even better. From balloon glasses to highballs, there are myriad ways to serve this spirit, so selecting the right glass is necessary as it will contribute to the overall taste and temperature of the drink. We’ve rounded up our pick of the best and most stylish gin glasses to help you enjoy your next G&T even more (and they’ll look great on your drinks trolley too).

1. Balloon gin glasses
Originating in the Basque region in Spain, Copa de Balon glasses or balloon gin glasses are a favourite of gin lovers for their large rounded cups which push the aromas of the gin’s botanicals up your nose while you drink. The spacious bowl of the glass allows for plenty of ice to keep your drink refreshingly chilled, while the tall stems prevent your hands from warming and melting the ice when you’re holding it. Additionally, there’s more room for garnishes such as citrus fruits and herbs that will help to flavour your G&T and make it nice to look at too!

2. Highball gin glasses

Named for the classic whiskey and soda cocktail, highball glasses are tall and elegant, ideal for serving classic G&Ts or other cocktails that require carbonated mixers and lots of crushed ice. The glass’ slim shape and narrow opening minimises carbonation loss and keeps mixers fizzy, while the limited surface area means drinks will stay cool for longer. Highballs will make a versatile addition to your home bar as they’re used for many other cocktails in addition to G&Ts such as Mojitos, Bloody Marys and Long Island Ice Teas.
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