How to build your own bar (and be your own bartender) at home

With new lockdowns in place, there’s never been a better time to build your own home bar. But how to elevate yours from spirits stored in a cupboard to a centrepiece for your living or dining room? It’s all in the display. From using a statement drinks trolley to adding glassware, bar tools and fun decorations, here’s some easy things you can add to make your own.
What to have in your home bar
Firstly, you’ll need glassware. Different drinks require different glasses, so make sure you have a variety, including balloon gin glasses for G&Ts, tumblers for drinks on the rocks, and tall flutes for champagne and prosecco.   Depending on what you drink, you’ll need certain bar tools too. If you enjoy cocktails, invest in the necessary shakers, stirrers, jiggers and muddlers to make different recipes, plus reusable straws and coasters to serve. Wine drinkers should keep an aerator and bottle stop in their home bar to make sure each bottle tastes its best.   Lastly, make a feature out of storing your bottles. Use a wine rack to hold your favourite vintages, and glass carafes to keep your go-to spirits displayed in style.

Where to place your home bar

To create an eye-catching feature out of your home bar - and if you have the space to do so - choose a drinks trolley or shelving unit such as our Luxe Round Bamboo Gold Drinks Trolley Bar Cart in gold and marble. Place it wherever you do your evening entertaining most, from your dining room for future dinner parties, to your living room for more intimate - yet socially distanced - engagements.

If you’d rather something a little less showy, choose a storage furniture piece such as a cabinet or small locker you can use to store other household items too. Keep your most-used (and nice to look at) barware on top - placed on a tray to protect the cabinet - and store any bottles, mixers or extra glassware behind closed doors.

And if you’re short on space? A side table placed next to your sofa or armchair will keep your favourite drink in easy reach.
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