Make an entrance: 9 ideas to make the most of your hallway

Though they’re regularly used, entranceways, stairs, and hallways can often be unloved, hard-to-decorate spaces because of their size, shape, or quality of light. But, with a few clever decorating tweaks – think added storage and home accessories – you can transform awkward, dark, or narrow hallways into inviting and useful areas in your house. Read on to find out how.

1. Use baskets for extra storage

For shoes, umbrellas and other going-out essentials, storage baskets will keep your hallway tidy and free from clutter. Hang smaller baskets on a row of coat hooks to store little and light items such as dog leashes or reusable shopping bags or line the floor with larger, more sturdier styles for trainers and boots. In addition to providing extra storage, they’ll perk up the area with colour and texture too.

2. Create space with a mirror

Especially important in small or narrow spaces, adding a mirror to your hallway will maximise light and create a sense of space. Make a feature wall by hanging a group of mirrors, or use a full-length mirror to fill a large or empty wall. A mirror in your entranceway serves a functional purpose too, as you can use it to check your appearance before leaving the house.

3. Add a welcoming doormat

Place a colourful doormat at your front door to create a bright and welcoming entrance for you and your guests. Swap the usual brown mat for something with more pattern and personality, such as our Hello Doormat with a blue geometric pattern, our Hola Adios Doormat in pink and green, or our Leopard Doormat in roaring orange.

4. Hang open shelving

Add greenery with plant pots, scent the surrounding area with fragrance diffusers, and place a small trinket dish to keep your house keys accessible on open shelving. Less for clearing away clutter and more for creating a flawless shelfie, choose decorative styles such as our macrame shelves so that your ornaments can stand out, front and centre.

5. Use a storage bench

Combining functionality with beautiful design, a storage bench or ottoman adds a relaxed feel to your space. A spot to sit down, a storage space for your shoes and an extra home for decorative cushions, opt for something a little more opulent such as a velvet ottoman in a vibrant jewel tone with button detailing.

6. Create a gallery wall

If you have a small or narrow hallway with little room for storage furniture or homeware, then consider hanging wall art to add interest instead. Long hallways, stairwells and spaces with tall ceilings will provide a large blank canvas for a statement gallery wall of your favourite prints, or mix it up by adding photo frames, mirrors or wall hangings.

7. Lay a runner rug

Need to elongate a short hallway, elevate plain flooring or protect hardwood floors? A runner rug is the answer to all your problems. Minimise the appearance of muddy foot, or paw, prints with darker shades and statement prints or, choose a hardy fabric in neutral tones that can handle the dirt whilst upgrading your decor.

8. Add an accent chair

Whether you need somewhere to get ready before you go out, a place to take a breather when you get home, or you have an awkward corner to cover up, steal a style from your living room and add an accent chair. Chairs are both functional and decorative, so tuck one under the stairs, place one at the end of a long hallway, or, for smaller spaces, a little stool or narrow bench will provide just as much functionality.

9. Use freestanding storage

Especially useful if you’re renting your home, a freestanding furniture piece will create useful storage in your hallway, without the need for drilling into walls. In addition, they’re usually lightweight and easy to move should you want to put the unit elsewhere. For small hallways, choose slim, open styles with space to keep your going-out necessities such as shoes, keys and bags, plus room for plant pots for added decoration.