Jul 5, 2020

9 tips for decorating your home with mirrors

Mirrors offer the best of both worlds when it comes to home decoration. They’re both useful and nice to look at – like a piece of functional wall art! Whether you’re looking to switch up your existing decor or want to create more light and space in your home, discover nine of our top tips for decorating with mirrors.

1. Match the mirror to your existing
home décor

Consider the existing aesthetic of the room. For a rustic theme, favour a natural material like wood, while metal will look best in houses with sleek and modern home décor. Don’t be afraid to mix and match though!

2. Consider the shape and size of the space

Look at the room and find a mirror to match its size and shape. Is it tall with high ceilings? Then choose a mirror in portrait orientation. Is it long like a hallway? Then a landscape mirror is likely to look best.

3. Place a mirror near a window

Large or small, strategically placed wall mirrors will reflect light and create the illusion of space in your home. Maximise the effect by hanging a full length mirror near a natural light source like a window or skylight.

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