Why Staying In Is The New Going Out

As we delve further into Autumn all our festive plans start to fly in, which are fun, but can also feel overwhelming. And with the pressure on to have the ‘perfect Christmas’ it’s no wonder that a lot of us say we feel stressed at Christmas.
So, this year we have decided to slow down more during the festive period, focusing more on our own mental and physical well-being, because after all staying in is the new going out.
And here is why we love this growing lifestyle trend..
You can celebrate jomo.
We spoke before about JOMO, the joy of missing out, and we still believe sometimes it’s essential to say no to plans and enjoy the time to yourself. Remove the pressure of festive fun and allow yourself a night in at home doing the things you love best like binge watching your new favourite tv show, settling into a good book, having a pamper session with your favourite face masks, taking care of your plants or getting creative.

You can wear what you want.
Staying means no pressure to be dressed up or looking outrageously festive. Instead you can opt for cosy loungewear and slipper socks for a really chilled out evening, and if you are having people over you can encourage them to do the same.
You can save money
It’s a no brainer, staying in means spending a lot less cash and in the run up to Christmas you will never regret having the extra pounds in your bank account.
You can show off your cooking skills.
Yes, there is a long list of restaurants pinned on your map waiting to be visited, but around this time of year they will be full to the brim with Christmas parties. Instead show off your cooking skills, grab a new recipe book like our new favourite Indian in 7 and show people your care by presenting your own feast.

You can control the playlist.
Your house, your playlist – If you have ever been out and wished that the DJ would play something more to your taste then this will really appeal to you.
You can appreciate the effort you have put into your décor styling.
Staying in means you can basque in the glory of your lovingly styled home. You have spent ages curating an inviting living room or updating your kitchen ready for the inevitable gathering during your next party – stay in and enjoy your space.
You can curate your own bar.
There is no way around it, curating your own alcohol selection at home is always going to be a lot cheaper than heading to a bar. If want to get the gang together for drink suggest skipping the crowds, have fun building your collection of spirits and enjoy many a gin cocktail at home.