Aug 15, 2019

The healing power of plants

Becoming a plant parent is the ultimate act of self-care. Not only are they rather gorgeous to look at in a plant pot and brighten a dull corner, the very act of keeping a houseplant alive can make us feel good as we nurture and use our green fingers. But recently, new evidence has emerged and give us a chance to flex our nurturing side, but it is also proven that shows that plants can love us back and have many properties to boost our own well-being. 

From herbal plants to flowering favourites we spoke to Fran Bailey author of The Healing Power of Plants, to find out which plants can help to lift us daily: 

In these modern times, with our ever-growing cities and centrally heated, air-conditioned homes and workplaces, we need plants more than ever. Our connection with plants is primal and we depend on them for our basic human needs, from the air we breathe to the food we eat. 

Plants are not only the lungs of the planet, drawing in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere, but also provide us with nourishment, shelter warmth and medicine. Our ancestors respected plants, utilising the bark, seed, roots, oils and fruit to maintain good health and combat disease. Their plant knowledge may have been both instinctive and acquired through trial and error, but with each successive generation that wisdom was increased. Today, we have a greater wisdom of the healing power of plants and their extraordinary range of properties: plants can help to keep us alert, calm us when we feel stressed add goodness to our good and bring joy and beauty to our living and working spaces.

Plant for calm and relaxation

Well-place plants give relaxing, restful ambiance to any room, and by bringing nature into your home you are helping to create a calmer and more grounded environment. Constantly seeing and being around plants, and even just looking at the colour green, helps us to feel calmer and ready for whatever life throws at us.