Fun Stuff to do with your Mates Whilst Social Distancing Outdoors

It has been over three weeks since we were all given the green light to meet up with our friends and family outdoors. And without doubt, it has brought great joy to so many of us. So far, most of our brilliant get togethers have revolved around a picnic spread with a gin tin or beer in hand. And whilst this has been glorious, we have been thinking of fun activities to get us all a little more active when we get together...

1. Have a mini game of rounders

Who doesn’t love a traditional game of rounders? The best part about this game is that you have to be socially distanced from those you are playing with. Win, win. But you still might lose...

2. Share new music and have a boogie

During lockdown, we have been spending a lot of time listening to music. Make a playlist of your current favourite tunes, pack your mini Bluetooth speakers and then spend time listening and dancing the afternoon away.

3. Start your own work out class together

For those of us missing the interaction we get from our weekly workout classes, grab your yoga mat and meet a friend for a yoga or HIIT session in the park.

4. Hold a skittles tournament

You might not be able to head to your favourite bowling alley, but you can hold your own skittles tournament and keep your own points system.

5. Host a quiz, actually in person

And whilst we might feel all quizzed out after many weeks of zoom sessions, some of the joy has occasionally been lost in bad internet connections and multiple people talking at the same time. Pack your favourite quiz or card game and get people thinking.

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