How to store jewellery

Looking for smarter ways to store your jewellery? From small trinket dishes to statement jewellery boxes, discover six of the best types of jewellery storage to organise, display and look after your treasured earrings and studs, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

1. Ring holders and trinket dishes

Small yet mighty, ring holders and dishes are designed to hold the little things in your jewellery collection, from dainty earrings to your everyday rings. They’re perfect for adding to small spaces like a bedside table, and with colourful finishes and patterns, they stand out too. These trinket dishes may be small, but they’re perfect if you have a large collection of go-to pieces you want to keep close to hand.

2. Jewellery trays

Jewellery trays are perfect for making a feature of your most precious pieces. Pairing a glass base with a sleek brass frame, choose from a classic rectangle or a more angular design, all adorned with intricate pressed flower details. Display on a chest of drawers or dressing table, or place in front of a mirror so you can easily try things on.

3. Jewellery stands

If you want to keep your collection on display, choose a jewellery stand with multiple bars set at different heights. These are ideal for hanging longer pieces such as bracelets and pendant necklaces, as it makes it easier to organise your collection and helps to prevent long chains from tangling. Finished in a shiny gold hue, a distinctive jewellery stand added to your dressing table will make a decorative statement.

4. Jewellery boxes

Fitted with multiple storage compartments and built-in mirrors, our jewellery boxes are eye-catching and functional to boot. The way you organise them is up to you – line each section with a different style of jewellery or use them to store small hair accessories like clips, hair elastics and grips. In pastel hues and intricate floral designs, they'll add an extra pop of pattern to your room.

5. Fabric trinket pots

Add a tactile touch to your dressing table with a fabric trinket pot. This compact box features an intricately hand beaded moth illustration and delicate gold embroidery for a stylish finish. With a soft fabric lining and lid to keep your jewellery protected, keep your favourite pieces handy for when you need them.

6. Travel jewellery boxes

Whether you’re travelling light with carry-on luggage or stuffing your suitcase full, our travel jewellery boxes will keep your special pieces stored in one place while you roam. Whatever your travel plans, make space in your travel case for a small or large jewellery box with a secure zip fastening. Lined with soft fabric, they’re designed with multiple foam-filled compartments and elasticated pockets to hold jewellery and hair accessories, with a firm exterior for protection.

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