Feb 18, 2021

The best jewellery gifts to spoil them with

They say that good things come in small packages, so if you’re looking for a really special surprise, why not wrap up a mini-yet-mighty jewellery gift? From necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings, use our guide to find them a precious present to suit their style in silver, gold and statement costume finishes.

1. Necklaces

If their personal style is bold and colourful, look for a statement necklace or eye-catching collar style in costume materials such as resin to complement their wardrobe. If you think they would prefer something a bit more subtle, then choose a plated gold or silver necklace with delicate chains and pendant charms they can wear layered with their existing collection, or on its own.

2. Earrings

From small to statement, earrings come in a range of designs, sizes and materials to suit different personal styles and occasions. To pick the right pair for them, start with the material. Do they prefer to wear subtle silver and gold earrings, or more colourful costume finishes? Then select the style. Choose from drop and stud earrings suitable for day-to-day wear, hoop earrings and slip-on ear cuffs, which don’t require any piercings.
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