Find a gem: Our guide to the best jewellery gift ideas

They say that good things come in small packages, so why not wrap up a mini-yet mighty jewellery gift? From necklaces and earrings to bracelet and rings, use our guide to find them a personal present in gold, silver and pearl finishes.


Jewellery is a great expression of personal style, and necklaces are extremely easy to wear. If their preference is bold and colourful, look for a beaded necklace or eye-catching collar style to stand out. If you think they would prefer something a bit more subtle, choose a plated gold or silver necklace with delicate chains and pendant charms they can wear layered with their existing collection, or on its own.


From small to statement, our earring collection has you spoilt for choice. To pick the right pair for them, start with the material. Do they prefer to wear subtle silver and gold earrings, or more colourful costume finishes? When it comes to the style, choose from drop and stud earrings suitable for day-to-day wear, or statement hoop earrings to make an impact.


If you think they would prefer a piece of jewellery for their wrist, then select a special bracelet or bangle from our collection. Choose from chunky and fine bangles they can wear layered together, or delicate chain and pearl bracelets in silver and gold to match the rest of their jewellery. You can’t go wrong with a friendship bracelet – get matching styles so you can wear together.


Whether they wear everyday or save for special occasions, a ring is always a win when it comes to gifting. It’s helpful to know whether they wear gold or silver jewellery, so you can gift a ring to match. Choose from a range of different designs, including engraved signet rings, open and thin bands, statement rings, and rings set with glass, pearls and semi-precious stones.

Jewellery storage

When you’ve chosen your jewellery gift, why not pair it with some jewellery storage so they can keep it - and the rest of their collection - safe in style. A tall jewellery stand will keep necklaces from tangling, while fabric-lined jewellery boxes will prevent bangles and bracelets from scratching. And, for smaller pieces they wear daily such as rings and studs, choose a ring holder or trinket dish so they keep them within easy reach.