Aug 2, 2020

How to choose an accent chair

Functional, decorative and eye-catching to boot, accents chairs blur the line between necessity and ornament. Want to know how to choose an accent chair and then style it in your home? Pull up a seat. We’ve answered five frequently asked questions about these statement seating styles.

What is an accent chair?

Usually more decorative than standard seating, accent chairs are used in interior design to create a visual point of difference within a room while pulling together the look and feel of the decor through their colour, shape, and material. Though they may on first glance stand out, a strategically placed accent chair will continue the room’s theme by picking up a certain colour, or using a specific material to create coherence within a space. Sometimes called occasional chairs, accent chairs come in many different shapes, including wingback chairs, lounge chairs, tub chairs and more. They can be made in a range of different materials and finishes, and among the most common are upholstery fabrics (we love soft velvet), metal and wood, including mahogany, rattan and bamboo.

Where should I put an accent chair?

From filling an awkward corner to creating room division in an open-plan space, you can put accent chairs in almost any area of your home. These are some of our favourite combinations: 

  • A loveseat in a bay window
  • A tub chair in a small space
  • An armchair next to a bookshelf
  • A scallop chair beside a sofa
  • Bar stools at a breakfast bar
    In your living room, place a pair of lounge chairs opposite your sofa to create an inviting and conversational seating area that’s perfect for entertaining guests or sitting with your family.   In smaller spaces where footprint is a consideration, a single accent chair will create just as much visual impact as a pair. Add one to a corner of your living room or bedroom, or create a cosy reading nook in your home office.
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