We hit our first milestone of 10 stores.
Our website went live in December 2002 with around six orders a week at first, with Olly and Tim handpicking
and packing every order themselves. Today, our customers enjoy shopping at Oliver Bonas online as much as shopping in store.
2004In-house design
starts to take shape

The intention from the very beginning has been to create our own designs and become a
space for bringing ideas to life. What started with curating existing products moved towards
developing our own studios.
Work hard, play hard, be kind

What started out as a piece of original wall art in the store,
‘Work Hard, Play Hard, Be Kind’, evolved into
our initial company values. – Olly
Donating to charities and
community projects since 2003

Kindness stretches across OB and beyond; from the way we work with our suppliers to how we treat each other and our customers,
right through to how we give back to our community and our environment. Through our Be Kind Charity Partnership and local community support,
we have worked hard to support many charities, organisations and individuals that help those in need.