2021Navigating the
new normal

At the height of the COVID-19 lockdown we sold 2,300 puzzles in a single week (pre-pandemic
it was 50 puzzles a week). Eventually the high street opened up again and we navigated
the restrictions, welcoming customers back to our stores with our usual positive approach.

As our products have evolved, we have become an authority on design, developing our own
take on fashion and homeware. Our stores are bigger, better and more immersive, allowing
our products to shine and providing a space for inspiration and self-expression.

'I want the business to be about ideas. I want us to be a platform
for ideas in every area we’re able to.’ – Olly
Oliver Bonas is more about in-house design
than chasing trends or mimicking the catwalk
– The Times Retail Editor Isabella Fish, July 2023
OB World

We launched our new creative online platform to share ways to enjoy our fashion and homeware products for longer. From care, repair and recycling tips and our partnerships with Reskinned and British Heart Foundation, to styling inspiration and our sustainability initiatives.

We've also curated a collection of inspiring stories from our creative friends and community to encourage the freedom of self-expression.

‘We’re quite clear about wanting to bring joy and optimism at Oliver Bonas.
There’s enough cynicism to go around, so someone’s got to be joyful -
and that’s what we’ve chosen to do’ – Olly