What materials are used in our jewellery?

Our jewellery collections are made from silver 925, gold and silver plated metals, semi-precious stones and costume materials. Whether you’re treating yourself to a new piece or looking for a special gift, let our jewellery material guide help you make your choice.

What is sterling silver?

Sterling silver is a metal alloy made of 92.5% pure silver mixed with 7.5% other metals – usually copper or zinc. Because pure silver is so soft, it is combined with these other metals to make it more durable for use in jewellery. To identify the percentage of pure silver in the alloy, the number 925 is stamped discreetly on the jewellery as a quality mark. There’s no difference between sterling silver and 925 silver – they’re the same silver alloy, just by different names.

What is sterling silver used for?

We choose sterling silver for many of our silver jewellery pieces including our earrings, studs and fine chain necklaces, because it has a bright and shiny finish that’s ideal for delicate and fine designs. The simplicity of its appearance makes it truly versatile as well as affordable; silver jewellery pairs as perfectly with pearls as with colourful gemstones – which explains why it’s one of the most popular precious metals.

What are semi-precious gemstones?

Semi-precious gemstones are often set into the gold-plated and sterling silver pieces in our jewellery collections. Sourced from all over the world, the stones are a portion of mineral or organic resource that has been refined and cut for use in jewellery and embellishment. We use a large array of gemstones in our jewellery, including our bracelets and gemstone rings, each chosen for its unique natural colour and finish. From agate, druzy and goldstone to quartz, onyx and turquoise, each semi-precious stone is unique with variations in shape, shade and texture adding to the special character of each piece.

What is plated jewellery?

Our gold jewellery is coated in 1 micron (layer) of 10k gold plate on a brass base, and our silver-plated jewellery is coated in 5 micron (layer) of silver plate on a brass base. The benefit of plated jewellery is its affordability, making it the perfect choice for jewellery lovers who frequently buy on-trend pieces. It’s just as durable with all the outer beauty of solid silver or gold, however the plated layer will inevitably wear away over time. For this reason, where suitable, we add a protective e-coat on plated designs, which will help preserve the colour of the plating and extend the life of your piece.

Are the pearls we use real?

We use natural freshwater pearls in our sterling silver and gold and silver-plated jewellery designs. Natural freshwater pearls are formed within mussels living within freshwater. They’re durable with an untreated, natural shade of white which won’t discolour if properly cared for. We also use cultivated real pearls which create a rounder, cleaner shape. Faux (or imitation) pearls are used in our costume pearl jewellery pieces for a more affordable alternative. They’re man-made from glass, ceramic or plastic coated with a pearl-like varnish, designed to look like real pearls.

What is costume jewellery?

We choose base metal or brass for use in our costume jewellery, plus a wide mix of materials including fabrics, cords, yarns, resin, beads and imitation semi-precious stones in bold and bright designs. Combining a range of shapes, materials, colours and finishes, our costume or fashion jewellery is ideal if you’re looking for an on-trend or statement look.

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