How to layer your necklaces without tangling

Necklace layering is an on-trend jewellery look with no sign of going out of style. If you’re new to necklace layering or need a little inspiration, read on for top tips from the experts in our Jewellery Buying team.

What is necklace layering?

Neckline layering, or stacking, involves wearing multiple chains of varying length to achieve a tiered effect. You might choose a layered necklace that has numerous chains attached on one clasp for a pre-layered look, or you can pair individual pieces to make your own curation.

How many necklaces should you layer?

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to the number of necklaces you should include in your ensemble, but three necklaces are a good place to start. Choosing three of your favourite pieces will allow you to experiment with different lengths and shapes.

Won't they tangle?

There are a couple of things you can do to avoid your layered necklaces tangling:

1. Make sure your necklaces are knot-free before putting them on. Store your necklaces using a jewellery stand or box to avoid tangles.

2. Wear necklaces of different lengths, as these are less likely to meet and tangle throughout the day.

3. Layer weightier necklaces on top of lighter chains to hold them securely in place. This will stop the smaller ones moving too much and becoming tangled.

Layering style tips

Now you know the basic principles of necklace layering, our style tips will have you perfecting your own set for a bespoke look:

1. Create a staggered effect

The golden rule of layering is to choose necklaces of different lengths. Layering a choker or collar necklace, mid length and long necklace on top of each other creates an elegant, staggered effect. Consider your shortest necklace as the foundation and layer other pieces on top. Try to keep the drop of each necklace around 2 inches apart- if you need to add some extra length you can add a necklace extender to your piece.

2. Make a statement

Choose one statement piece featuring a large pendant or gemstone, and layer it together with a few minimalist pieces. Your minimalist pieces could even include smaller instances of the same gemstone. This trick helps to ensure your eye-catching necklace stands out but also fits comfortably inside a cohesive look.

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3. Add texture

Play around with dimensions by layering a chunky necklace on top of a thinner, delicate piece. This makes your stack more interesting while preventing your necklaces from tangling. For even more depth, combine different chain types like rope, curb and figaro into one compelling look. Read more about the different types of necklace chains explained.

4. Delicately does it

If you enjoy a minimalist look, try just layering together 2 or three delicate pieces. Start off with a simple chain necklace or choker and add in something subtle like a pendant in a matching metal.

5. Play around with materials

Consider clashing metals or mixed materials that make a bold impact. For example, beaded necklaces pair well with a metal chain or pendant and can make for a dramatic and stylish look.

6. Add a pop of colour

Add a touch of colour to a pared back outfit with your necklaces. A useful tip is to stick to one colourful necklace and layer it with a few metal pieces. Make the shortest necklace your colourful addition, to make it pop.

7. Think about your neckline

When wearing high neck tops or collars, choker length necklaces (15”/16”) can be layered together for a chic look. Long chain and Y style necklace create a dramatic effect when paired with lower cut tops and scoop necks.

8. Have fun

The most important rule for layering necklaces is to enjoy expressing your creativity. Play around with different lengths, textures, materials and colours until you find a style that suits you. Have fun!