A white bathroom with two colourful bath mats

9 accessory ideas that will beautify your bathroom

How can you make your bathroom beautiful without redecorating or renovation? It’s an age-old dilemma, but luckily, it’s one that can be answered with the addition of a few stylish bathroom accessories. Not sure where to start? No problem. We've rounded up some easy and budget-friendly bathroom accessories ideas that will effortlessly decorate your washroom but don’t require any paint.

1. Use a bright bath mat

If you’re looking for design ideas to style a plain bathroom, why not start by decorating the floor with a statement bath mat? Not only will this multifunctional bathroom accessory add a pop of pattern and colour, but it will also give you somewhere soft and dry to step after a bath or shower.

2. Add a floral fragrance

Fragrance is an often-overlooked element of bathroom decoration, but it can have just as much impact as an ornament. A candle, diffuser or incense stick holder in a stylish or chic votive will add decoration as well as scent, and it will create a luxurious ambience while you relax in the bath.

3. Upgrade your toothbrush pot

If your sink or cupboard space is minimal, a colourful pot makes a great accessory idea for bathrooms, especially small ones. Choose a patterned design to make a stylish feature of this functional item, which you can mix and match with your other bathroom accessories.

4. Keep cosmetics in a makeup bag

A makeup bag is a useful bathroom accessory that will decorate your vanity as well as your travel bag. While you might keep your lesser-used cosmetics in a cupboard, storing your go-to lotions, potions and powders in a wash bag will make it easy to grab them when you go out and about.

5. Introduce relaxing rituals

Make sure you have a selection of bath & body care products to make the most of your beautified bathroom. Sit back and relax with a pair of bath salts in relaxing scents or opt for a hydrating skincare routine.