10 accessory ideas that will beautify your bathroom

How can you make your bathroom beautiful without redecorating or renovation? It’s an age-old dilemma, but luckily, it’s one that can be answered with the addition of a few stylish bathroom accessories. Not sure where to start? No problem. We've rounded up 10 easy and budget-friendly bathroom accessories ideas that will effortlessly decorate your washroom but don’t require any paint.

1. Use a bright bath mat

If you’re looking for design ideas to style a plain bathroom, why not start by decorating the floor with a statement bath mat? Not only will this multifunction bathroom accessory add a pop of pattern and colour, but it will also give you somewhere soft and dry to step after a bath or shower.

2. Style shelves with extra storage

If you’re short on cupboard space but have a shelf to spare, add both storage and decoration with a compartment box or basket. By using this useful accessory as bathroom shelf decor, you can keep your bathroom necessities such as flannels, sponges, and yes, toilet paper, close to hand.

3. Upgrade your toothbrush pot

If your sink or cupboard space is minimal, a two-in-one storage pot makes a great accessory idea for bathrooms, especially small ones. Use a ceramic caddy to make a stylish feature of this functional item, with a pot to hold your toothbrushes and a tray for your favourite skincare and soap.

4. Hang a tilting wall mirror

A mirror is a necessary bathroom wall accessory - no bathroom would be complete without one. Instead of selecting a piece purely for function, why not choose something more decorative to hang above your vanity? Opt for a mirror that tilts to make applying makeup and skincare a breeze.

5. Add a beautiful fragrance

Fragrance is an oft-overlooked element of bathroom decoration, but it can have just as much impact as an ornament. A candle, diffuser or incense stick holder in a funky or chic votive will add decoration as well as scent, and it will also create a luxurious ambience while you relax in the bath.

6. Use fancy trinket pots

How do you make a basic bathroom look good? You don’t have to do a total makeover, even the smallest accessories can make an impact. For instance, instead of keeping cotton balls and buds in their plastic bags, use lidded pots to add a fancy - and tidy - touch to your bathroom vanity.