How to style flower arrangements in a vase

We asked Dan, our Art Director, how he creates the beautiful bouquets for our homeware shoots. His first rule to styling flower arrangements in vases? Throw out the rule book. ‘You can approach styling in so many ways,’ Dan advises, ‘I like to think of the flowers as a hairstyle for the vase and there’s no right or wrong in my opinion – it’s about choosing flowers you love and enjoying the process of arranging them.’ Discover five top tips below to get started.
1. Consider the vaseYou need to choose a vase that’s suitable for the size and colour of the arrangement you want to create. Grand bouquets will need a large vase with a wide opening, while narrow, small vases look just as eye-catching filled with single stems. ‘Work in conjunction with the shape and style of the vase,’ recommends Dan. ‘For a tall vase, make your arrangement tall to match. Don’t cut the stems down.’
2. Choose a themeThe choices are endless. ‘You could choose different flowers you love and add in some greenery, or you could work in one colourway with one type of flower to make it a seasonal arrangement.’ They’ll add a lovely brightness and smell fantastic too.
3. Create a baseBalance is key in any floral arrangement. First create a base or initial shape with greenery before adding your chosen stems. ‘When you start adding in flowers or extra greenery, work on the left, then on the right, then at the centre as you style,’ Dan explains. ‘I work with bunches of three, as using odd numbers helps to create a more natural looking arrangement.’
4. Don't overthink itRemember to enjoy the process. ‘If the simplicity and beauty of the flower is what you enjoy, sometimes all you need is a few stems,’ says Dan. ‘It might be just one stem this week, then armfuls of blooms spilling over the next.’ If you love how it looks once you’ve finished, then that’s all that really matters.

5. Try something different‘You’re not limited to using flowers, so go wild,’ advises Dan. Try choosing greenery instead of just colourful flowers – think eucalyptus, a selection of interesting twigs or pussy willow. Dried flowers and grasses are great to collect at the end of the summer, or use artificial plants to add brightness all year round.
OB x Freddie’s Flowers Fresh flowers are an easy everyday lift as we head into spring. With the power to brighten more than just our rooms, regular blooms tick all the sensory boxes, bringing colour, fragrance and texture to your space. Keep your vases refreshed with bouquets that signal the change in seasons, or stick to a firm favourite. Either way, the mood-boosting power of plants will encourage little moments of joy, whenever you need them.

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