Ring stacking guide: how to style and stack your rings

With necklace, bracelet and earring stacks all on the rise, ring stacking should be next on your list. Follow our expert-led guide and learn how to stack rings with tips and tricks from our Jewellery Buyer Lianna Sheppard.

As the name suggests, ring stacking involves wearing multiple rings together on one, or multiple fingers. If you have a lot of rings, it’s a great way to rotate your collection and mix different colours, textures and styles in the same look.

Which types of rings are good for stacking?

Stacking rings aren’t defined to a single style – it all depends on your personal preference and what rings you have. ‘You can really play with it, but generally finer bands work best to stack’ advises Lianna. ‘Mixing a stone style with a plain or textured ring can also be really effective and an easy way to bring in colour.’

Which finger should you wear stacking rings on?

There’s no hard or fast rule when it comes to ring stacking. ‘I love to stack on my middle and index fingers as they suit the coverage,’ says Lianna. ‘It’s great to spread out your stacking over both hands for balance but also maxium impact - plus it means you can wear more rings!’

Stacking style tips

1. Balance it out

It’s a good idea to start with finer rings, and add larger styles as you go up the finger. ‘A chunkier statement ring with one or two fine bands can be a great balance if you are new to stacking, otherwise go for it and be bold,’ advises Lianna. 2. Mix metals‘Mixing gold and silver can be a great way to experiment with stacking,’ says Lianna. Ignore the plating and combine different metals – try alternating gold and silver rings for a balanced look.

3. Add colour

‘Mixing in colour by adding a gemstone ring can really elevate a ring stack,’ recommends Lianna. Pair with a simple design to let the stone shine, or wear multiple gemstones with colourful jewellery for maximum impact.

4. Experimentation is key

You will know what suits you and feels right on your hand, so experiment with different combinations and see what works best for you. Try starting with a smaller stack and build it up as you get more comfortable. ’There is a way to stack for the minimalist and maximalist alike,’ assures Lianna.

5. Less is more

Ring stacking lends itself to a bold, statement look with contrasting textures and tones. If you’re after a more minimalist look, stick to two or three silver, costume or gold rings. Go for slim styles that complement each other for easy, everyday wear.