Guide to electric diffusers

What is an electric diffuser?

electric diffuser is an electric device that breaks down fragrance or essential oils to turn them into a mist. This is then dispersed into the room to spread the aroma that’s been added to the diffuser.

How does an electric diffuser work?

There are a few different types of electronic oil diffusers and they all work in slightly different ways:

Heat diffusers

Electronic heat diffusers have heating elements inside which warm up the oil and water so it is gently evaporated into the room.

Evaporative diffusers

These aroma diffusers use air flow – an electric powered fan pushes air through a pad that’s been soaked in oil to blow the fragrance around the room.

Ultrasonic diffusers

This type of diffuser has a ceramic disc inside which begins to vibrate creating ultrasonic waves. The oils then break down into microscopic particles and blend with the water before being dispersed into the air as a mist.

Nebulising diffusers

Fragrance or essential oils are dispersed in a high pressure air stream so they’re diffused as a fine mist – these diffusers don’t use water so you get a higher concentration of whichever oil you use.

How to use an electric oil diffuser

Depending on the type of aroma diffuser you have, the way you use it will vary so always be sure to read and follow any instructions that arrive with it.

1. Choose the location for your diffuser.

2. Add water if it’s required and your chosen fragrance or essential oils.

3. Decide on your settings – some electric diffusers let you adjust the amount of time they run for, have LED lights to emit colourful glows and even control the spray mode.

4. Plug in your diffuser after it’s been filled and assembled to avoid any spillages.

5. Enjoy.

Where to put an electric diffuser

Because electric diffusers are designed to create a calming ambience, you could consider placing it in a room where you like to relax.

Whichever room your choose to place your diffuser in, there are some rules of thumb to stick to:

1. Only use your diffuser indoors.

2. Make sure your diffuser is on a flat, solid surface.

3. Choose a table or nightstand at least two feet off the floor so the moisture properly disperses into the air.

4. The room needs to be well ventilated so that there is not a build-up of moisture.

5. Avoid placing your diffuser on wood or precious materials in case there’s any leaking. Pop a tray beneath your diffuser to prevent any spilled water or mist droplets.

6. Be sure not to cover the air or mist outlets.

Are electric diffusers good for you?

Electric aroma diffusers can help create a calm, soothing, uplifting or cheerful ambience by diffusing fragrances into your room of choice. You can choose to fill your diffuser with essential oils, some of which are thought to help with relaxation. Or choose an aroma that invokes nostalgia or a favourite memory to fill your home with joy.

What oils can I use in a diffuser?

There is an array of essential and fragrance oils that you can put in your diffuser - so don’t be afraid to get creative! You can purchase preblended scents, or if you want to get creative you can make your own.

When you’re selecting an aroma, it’s good to understand the components that make a well-balanced scent.

Top notes - This is the first scent you’ll smell. Usually they are a lighter scent and disappear the quickest after the first whiff.

Middle notes - These are the second scent you’ll smell. Usually they have a mellow, smoother scent and last longer than the top notes.

Base notes - This is the final scent you’ll smell. The base notes are often the primary scent of your blend, so we’d recommend choosing these first.

Can you use reed diffuser oil in an electric diffuser?

No, you cannot use reed diffuser oil in an electric diffuser. Most reed diffuser oil is a blend of oil, water and alcohol instead of the water and essential oil blend in your electric diffuser. Using reed diffuser oil in your electric diffuser could damage your electric diffuser.

Can you put perfume in an electric diffuser?

Most electric diffusers should only be used with fragrance or essential oils. Similarly, to a reed diffuser, alcohol based perfumes should not be put in your diffuser due to potential damage to both the diffuser and your health.

How to clean your diffuser

It’s important to clean your diffuser regularly so the fragrances you use smell exactly as intended without being altered by previous oils you’ve used.

Unplug your diffuser and empty any water. Clean the water tank with a soft, dry cloth to remove any impurities.

Check our use and care information for your electric diffuser.