What types of earrings are there?

First, a low down of some different types of earrings.When it comes to picking what kind
of earrings to wear, there’s always a style to suit you and the occasion you’re dressing for.
Gold jewellery is perennially in style and pairs well with almost anything. This makes gold earrings a go-to for everyday looks as well as special occasions. Gold-plated earrings tend to be made from a material such as brass, coated in a layer of gold, meaning they look as good as the real deal without the extravagant price tag.

Silver earrings

Silver earrings are another enduring style. Pure silver is quite a soft material, so our silver jewellery is made from sterling silver or silver 925, an alloy made with 92.5% silver mixed with a stronger metal such as copper. This makes sterling silver earrings a good pick for everyday wear. You can learn more ways to clean and care for your jewellery in our helpful guide.

Stud earrings

Studs are a simple style of earring that sit neatly on your earlobe. You’ll typically find designs featuring a small gemstone or ornament on a post which passes through your piercing and is secured with a fastening such as a butterfly back. Thanks to their minimalist design and secure fit, studs make a good choice for newly pierced ears.

Hoop earrings

Just like their name suggests, hoops are circular in style. They tend to attach to your ear with a pass-through fastening, but you’ll also find hoops with stud backs. There are lots of different sizes of hoop earrings to choose from. Whether you wear small, medium or large hoops, it all depends on your style. Huggies are a type of smaller hoop profile, named ‘huggie’ because of the way they sit close to, and essentially hug the ear.

Drop earrings

Drop earrings are a style that drops just below the ear lobe. Anchored from studs, hoops or hook backs, drop earrings have charm accents or small beads and gemstones. They might sound similar to dangle earrings, but the difference is that drop earrings don’t sway when you walk.