Behind the design: our newest scented candles

The fresh take on our latest home fragrance design is inspired by the key notes of each scent, capturing all four fragrances in bright, vibrant and fun photography. To create the images, scent references and fabrics were sourced from local florists and greengrocers, hand-picked by the Home & Gift team to reflect the feel and smell of the four scents; Fleur, Oud, Amber and Fig. 

The design process

The ideation of a new product or range involves many stages, as the product itself comes into being, followed by the development of the packaging. For the candles, all packaging imagery was shot in the OB photography studio, and the team got creative, experimenting with linens, satins, coloured gel sheets and mirrors to add variation and tone to the visuals. The product name was overlaid in bold neon text to bring an eye-catching and impactful message to the range of candles and diffusers.

‘The images were narrowed down to 13 final designs, and we experimented with the text placement to create playful curves around the images in strong, statement tones,’ explains Natalie Tupper, Senior Home & Gift Designer. ‘We loved the mix of satin fabric backgrounds and using the mirrors with coloured gels to create a more artistic and unexpected result.’ 

‘We were excited to develop a fresh new look
for the collection, and it allowed us to collaborate
with the photography studio to create
the images in-house.’
– Alice Fenner, H&G Buyer

The scents

Progressing from our traditionally fresh, sweet florals, with this latest range we wanted to take you on a journey through the fragrance families, from fresh florals to heavier, smokier scents. Each fragrance has a strong one-word name that encompasses the scent notes and gives a clear sense of what to expect when you light it.


Fleur is a delicate floral fragrance with a soft, musky vanilla and sandalwood base and sweet jasmine and orange blossom notes.


Oud is a luxurious, rich and smoky blend of woody, leathery notes with sweet sandalwood and warming cinnamon.


Fig blends fresh, juicy figs and fruity cassis with warming musk and soothing jasmine and lavender for a warm, relaxing feel.


Amber is a blend of patchouli and vanilla scents, combined with spiced cinnamon, tobacco, sandalwood and amber to create a warming atmosphere.