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How It All Began

It started with Olly bringing back gifts for friends from his travels abroad: interesting things from interesting places. Then came the first shop, opened in Fulham in 1993. Now there are 40 Oliver Bonas shops in London, Kingston, Cambridge, Bristol and Scotland.

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Reading Railway Station Travel Alert

Posted 18th July 2014

Reading Railway Station Travel Alert

Oliver Bonas shop opens in Reading Railway Station.

Passenger notice:

Those travelling via Reading railway station over the next few weeks will need to allow extra travel time. We expect that customers will be held up for some time due to the irresistable shopping opportunites at Oliver Bonas.

Customers of the new shop, which opened on July 13th, are already experiencing travel delays as they pour over the exciting new fashion, relish the fabulous selection of homeware and admire the wide array of jewellery.

The Queen even dropped by for a visit...well, she officially opened the new Reading Station on July 17th and passed by the Oliver Bonas store. We are sure she wanted to come in for a look around, but official duties had to take priority!

Here are some pictures of our new store....or, if you have a train ticket (the shop is next to the platforms), you can drop by yourself.

Festival Fever

Posted 16th June 2014

Festival Fever

I get exhausted just thinking about the major decisions of the year...after deciding the summer holiday, there's the whole debate, should I, shouldn't I go to a festival this year?

And that's just the start...there are now hundreds of music festivals in the UK...from rock, jazz, world music, family festivals, even opera. Your head will then explode further when faced with the cornucopia of festival offerings around the world. 

Then I have the 'aha' moment.

Why not combine the summer holiday with a festival...kill two birds with one stone? Right, narrow it down to Europe...Benicassim in Spain? There are a couple in France, possibly Croatia...Oh hang-on, Morocco's not too far from Europe, is it? There's a fabulous African/Raggae/Jazz Festival by the sea there. Decided.

Oh no! Too late, just missed that one.

Do you know what? I think I'll just go to the festival in my local park. But with Stevie Wonder headlining it's not so bad after all.

(It's the Calling Festival at the end of June on Clapham Common, London. And, funny that, there's an Oliver Bonas store to visit while I'm there too!)

Next, decide what to wear...sandals or wellies, dress or trousers, hippy or hip-hop? To make life easier we have a selection of festival must-haves here.

Daddy Dearest...or don't forget it's Father's Day on Sunday

Posted 9th June 2014

Daddy Dearest...or don't forget it's Father's Day on Sunday

Now I know that not all of us have perfect fathers. But there are some pretty good ones out there. So why not show your appreciation with a little something (or a big something if you and/or your siblings are feeling flush). We've come up with a pretty eclectic and interesting selection of Father's Day gifts if you want to find something different for those super-hard-to-find-presents-for men; but you haven't got long. Last chance for delivery is 2pm on Friday for a Saturday arrival. If you're in the last minute camp we've also included some play-it-safe gifts in our suggestions too. 

Ooh, hang on, don't forget the card...


Star Product...Retro Drinks Trolley

Posted 14th May 2014

Star Product...Retro Drinks Trolley

It's not often a product deserves it's own blog post, but this Drinks Trolley is the Don Draper of all drinks trolleys and shouts 'Look at me!' loudly and clearly.

Sexy and charismatic, strong and stylish, bold and decisive; an 'Alpha' trolley, loved by both men and women.

Get instant credibility (and extra storage space) with our Retro Drinks Trolley.

Three Bloggers We Love!

Posted 2nd May 2014

Three Bloggers We Love!

Bloggers Katie, Lilly and Danielle have got together to show us their OB favourites. What great taste, wouldn't you say!:

“ This beautiful Maya Sweatshirt combines the beauty of its oriental floral mix with a practical fit and long sleeves- keeping things fresh as the evening cools down! ”

“ Katie’s bold pink over fresh grey is  not only charming but this oversized Saori Print knit/jumper dress is a perfect transitional piece through the seasons. Danielle wears the Reyes Printed Dress in a summer-night blue, full skirt shape with a dainty floral pattern. ”

“ This Folk Digital Print Top is bang on trend with the sharp black paisley print that pops with bright flower detail, an effortless spring statement!”

“ Feeling pretty in my chiffon floral Anasis top and Katie looking lovely in lace, both tops in a flattering loose fit that’ll flow straight through to summer. ”

To see and hear more from our three bloggers check out their sites here:

Danielle www.littlefashbird.co.uk,  Lilly-jo www.fashionscholar.comKatie www.aimabovelimits.co.uk

'Our three, current favourite necklaces, the Rosa Ombre Lace Necklace, the Dai Wooden Necklace and the Ilya Feather Charm Necklace.'

Photography: Daniel James Towle www.letterdphotography.com

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