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How It All Began

It started with Olly bringing back gifts for friends from his travels abroad: interesting things from interesting places. Then came the first shop, opened in Fulham in 1993. Now there are 40 Oliver Bonas shops in London, Kingston, Cambridge, Bristol and Scotland.

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Happy Babies mean Happy Mummies

Posted 26th March 2014

Happy Babies mean Happy Mummies

There's been a rash of babies at Oliver Bonas recently with many more on the way, I hear. What is in the air? You may well ask...

It means we got a good response rate when asking our little ones for tips on their favourite books. Some of them were a bit busy with other activities, so we had to drag them away. Mollie wanted to show off her duck baby grow, Orla seemed a bit more interested in the ball pool, Layla thought a game of hide and seek might be quite fun and Milo fancied a trip out.

Marcelle (top), however, took her role very seriously, reviewing books while lying on her Oliver Bonas rug (!) and Megan (below) got stuck in too. Her favourite read was 'Walk in Paris' by Salvatore Rubbino; the story of a young girl and her grandfather as they walk around Paris, exlporing the markets, beautiful buildings and tasty treats. It is full of beautiful illustrations and fascinating nuggets of information.

Once the others put their mind to it and bedtime beckoned, they got reading. Here's little Ava reviewing for us. They came up with two clear winning books, which were 'Shhh! We Have a Plan' by award winning illustrator, Chris Haughton. It tells the story about four little friends trying to catch a bird. Also popular was 'Extra Yarn' by Mac Barnett; a joyous book about a young girl who cocoons her cold, grey town in warm and colourful yarn! 

Finally, for the Mums in all this, we have an excellent recommendation...(yes, we know there are Dads too, but seeing as it's Mother's Day on Sunday I think we can forget the Dad's this time). 'The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender' by Leslye Walton is the perfect escapist read at the end of a long day (if you can stay awake long enough...). It is a mesmerising tale of the bright and dark sides of love and desire. The magical realism of this book weaves through a generational saga about a girl born with wings who ventures into the wider world. That'll trasport you away from nappy changing and bottle sterilising, for a bit anyway...

Because I'm Happy...or 'International Happiness Day'

Posted 21st March 2014

Because  I'm Happy...or 'International Happiness Day'

Here at OB, we believe happiness is in the little things. To mark 'International Happiness Day' yesterday, we shared the OB picks that brighten up our day on Facebook and we asked you all to share with us what makes you happy. Seeing all your photos definitely made our day.

Here are just a few of the cheery photos from our 'OB Makes Me Happy!' Day


Poem's Spring Range

Posted 18th March 2014

Poem's Spring Range

I don’t know about you, but I’ve decided I’ve had enough of suffering for my beauty. It was an article about the new trend of corsets for women that pushed me over the edge! First we had ‘Spanx’ and now we’re told we can’t live without the ‘Belly
Bandit’,  a  huge band of thick, strong elastic, worn around the tummy to hold everything in, especially after pregnancy. So now we must suffer the possible side effects of incontinence, digestive problems and weakened back muscles to hide our natural curves.

Well, I’m glad to be able to tell you that the Oliver Bonas design team agree that women can, and do, look beautiful just as they are. Their fashion range ‘Poem’ is designed to flatter and fit without squashing or squeezing, tilting or tottering.

Take the new ‘Poem’ range, Frida, with a relaxed and versatile look. The tops skim instead of cinch, the dresses flare and flatter instead cling and crinkle and the trousers are perfectly fitted for comfort and style.

Frida has folk undertones and handcrafted touches, taking inspiration from the colours and culture, art and landscapes of Latin America.

There are on trend sweat tops with cut-out floral designs and embroidery to add texture, popular humming bird prints, crochet style knitwear and dresses with an emphasis on versatility to reflect the lives of women today.

All the styles have jewellery and accessories specially designed to match, making life a little bit easier. We have enough decisions to make each day, so having coordinated accessories makes at least one decision that much easier.

The stand out piece from the collection is the Frida Lace Dress with a rich, yellow colour which has been screen printed onto a lace fabric to create a hand crafted folk look (see above). The shift shape is chic and easy to wear.  Wedding season, here we come.

So, women of Britain, it’s time to burn those girdles, corsets and body shaping paraphenalia…!

London Fashion Week 2014

Posted 20th February 2014

London Fashion Week 2014

The sun has firmly set on London Fashion Week and what a week it’s been! We were lucky enough to be the official Homeware Sponsor for 'The LFW Apartment' – a hub for the top social influencers from the fashion industry, where they can work, relax and engage with us brands during the week.

We stopped by on Sunday to see our lovely products in all their glory…check out our Velvet Button Stools, Floral Folk Cross Stitch Rug, Bamboo Bowls, Wooden Storage Case, Alphabet Votive Candles and our very own Press person Sara (carefully positioned against some of our SS14 cushions)!

Blogger Bunnipunch also wore our Maya Print Sweatshirt to Day 1 of LFW, she looked amazing despite the miserable weather!

Photos by The Apartment (http://theaptmt.co.uk) and Bunnipunch (http://www.bunnipunch.co.uk)

The 1958 Furniture Range has landed

Posted 5th February 2014

The 1958 Furniture Range has landed

What a wonderful way to start the year. A new range of fresh and exciting upholstered furniture, the 1958 range. What's so special about this range is that, despite being an original design from 1958, it looks absolutely on the money in 2014.

Our furniture buyers discovered one of the original pieces on a visit to our furniture factory in Nottinghamshire. It was a two-seater sofa which was being reupholstered for it's owners.

Well, inspired by the piece and keen to find out its history, our buying team went on a fact-finding mission.

It turns out the sofa was being upholstered for the third time by the owners who had bought it in 1958! All those years ago, newlyweds Joyce and Roland made a trip to Nottingham on their motorbike and bought a new sofa with the ‘main dollop of their savings’ for their first home, a small flat on an urban high street. It was a stand out piece at  the time, when most of the available furniture was heavy, dark and brown. ‘We loved the shape.’…. ‘It was so different.’… ‘It just stole our hearts there and then.’

Now, both in their nineties, Joyce and Roland said there was never any question of disposing of their beloved sofa... 56 years later, they still love it. ‘We’ve never gone off it.’ 

So thanks to Joyce and Roland for giving us a piece of design history and thanks to our buyers for seeing the potential. We now have collector's pieces, made with a solid wood frame and using the highest quality Designer's Guild 'Sloane' Fabric in six exciting, vibrant colours.

Let's hope you are still using your sofa in 56 years time!

Finally, we hope you enjoy seeing one of our buying team carrying out some high level product testing...

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