What is the difference between
a pot and a planter?

Generally, the terms plant pot and planter can be used interchangeably when referring to a container that holds plants. Plant pots can range in size from extra small to extra large, are usually rounded or square and are designed to be potted with one plant, while planters are often larger, sometimes rectangular, and are planted with multiple plants. Depending on what they’re made out of, planters are usually designed for outdoor use, tested to ensure they withstand different types of weather. Our plant pots are all designed for indoor use only.

What material is best for indoor plant pots?

Because they’re not subjected to outdoor conditions, indoor plant pots can be made of many different materials, including ceramic, terracotta, metal, rattan, fibreglass, concrete and plastic. This means that you can easily find a plant pot to match your existing interior style, without having to consider harsh changes in weather.

 Plastic-lined storage baskets are great for larger plants and small indoor trees as they can be placed on the floor with no risk of cracking like ceramic styles, especially good for families with young and active children. If the basket is not lined, it’s important to use a plastic pot and a saucer so the basket does not get damaged, and always make sure to remove the plant before you water it.
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