Your guide to enamel jewellery

As we continue to embrace bright colour and joyful accessories, enamel jewellery can be an easy way to lift your look. With the concept of ‘dopamine dressing’ on the rise, colourful jewellery adds to the mood-boosting power of our outfits, bringing an extra layer of fun to your style.

Here, the Jewellery Team break down what enamel jewellery is and how it’s made, including a few handy styling tips.

What is enamel jewellery?

The process of enamelling is not a new technique in jewellery design, dating back to ancient civilisations. Once associated with royalty and symbolism, the technique became popular during the Art Deco movement thanks to its pattern potential and bright colours. Today, enamel pieces are a jewellery-box staple.

To make enamel jewellery, resin is applied by hand to our costume jewellery. When this decorative coating is set, it forms a hard, outer layer that protects the metal underneath, usually brass, from tarnishing or scratches.

Technique in detail: guilloché

Highly decorative and detailed, guilloché is a technique that appears across our enamel range, including earrings and necklaces. Combining enamelling and engraving, the metal is machine-cut into intricate lines, waves, ripples or geometric forms. Once the enamel is poured and set, the etched pattern can be seen through the translucent finish.

Technique in detail: colour blocking

Enamel is a great way to offset a classic gold or silver frame with a brighter colour. Introducing repetitive shapes in contrasting colours adds depth to the design, often interspersed with coloured gems or stones. Our hoop earrings use blocks of enamel inlay to add pattern and texture in a repetitive way.

How to style enamel jewellery

For the maximalist

If you love all things bright and patterned – enamel jewellery is for you. Stack contrasting shades, textures and shapes for playful pops of colour, or mix with the rich tones of gemstone jewellery for an eye-catching combination.

For the minimalist

You’ll find different designs in similar tones across our enamel collection. If you prefer a subtle style, wear jewellery in complementary colours to create a sleek, cohesive look that isn’t overpowering. To start, try an enamel necklace with your usual gold or silver jewellery.

How to care for enamel jewellery

Give your enamel jewellery a gentle buff with a soft, non-abrasive microfibre or lint-free cloth. Don’t use chemicals, as this may damage the finish and cause discolouration of the metal. Find more details in our jewellery care guide.

As with all jewellery, proper storage is essential. Oliver Bonas jewellery pieces come in a soft pouch that can be handy when travelling, or if you take several pieces away with you, keep them safe in one of our jewellery boxes.