Jul 16, 2021

9 different glasses to elevate your cocktails at home this summer

In addition to their delectable ingredients, the fun thing about making (and shaking) drinks at home is the different types of cocktail glasses you can serve them in. Whether you’re mixing and muddling classic recipes or dreaming up more modern concoctions, elevate your cocktails with new glassware and home bar accessories that will make your summer drinks even more show stopping. Unsure what to use? Our guide to cocktail glasses is here to get you started.

3. Old Fashioned cocktail glass

Short or rocks glasses are designed for liquors enjoyed straight up - served with or without ice - and classic cocktails that require muddling such as the Old Fashioned. Add excitement to these more traditional concoctions with anything from vintage-inspired cut crystal glasses to modern designs that look great displayed on your drinks trolley when not being used.

4. Fun cocktail glass

A novelty cocktail cup will add an element of fun to your summer drink. The most recognisable is the tiki glass, commonly used for tropical recipes, but you can use almost anything, from a mason jar to a teacup or teapot, or even a small ceramic gluggle jug, finished with a straw, a slice of fresh fruit or a colourful paper umbrella.

5. Champagne cocktail glass

Mixing a cocktail with bubbly mixers or sparkling wines? Choose champagne flutes to keep them fizzy for longer. Their narrow shape traps in the effervescence, while their height offers room for eye-catching - and tasty - additions such as fresh seasonal fruit, colourful juices, citrus twists and even edible glitter to create the perfect party drink.

6. Pineapple cocktail glass

If you’re planning a party and really want to wow your guests, choose a large statement cocktail cup such as this gold pineapple glass with a matching straw. Its giant bowl makes the perfect pairing to cooling summer drinks blended with ice - think frozen rosé and fresh and fruity Margaritas that can be sipped, enjoyed and refilled all evening long.

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