12 Christmas gifts to send during lockdown

With Christmas in sight and social distancing still on the (Christmas) cards, this year’s festive season is going to feel a little strange. Whether you won’t be seeing each other because of quarantine, or you’re planning to celebrate together earlier than the 25th, we’ve rounded up our pick of the best lockdown gifts to send them, guaranteed to make your faraway loved ones feel special. Plus, there’s nothing like ticking off your gift list a little early!

1. Initial Christmas tree decoration

An ornament for their Christmas tree will keep them in the festive spirit. For anyone on your list from Alice to Zachary, these velvet alphabet Christmas decorations make a personal present, embroidered with a starry pattern and little beads for a sparkly finish. As well as adding a colourful touch to their tree, they’re small and lightweight, so won’t cost the earth in postage either.

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