Mix your metals: how to wear gold and silver jewellery together

Forget the unwritten rule that gold and silver jewellery can’t be worn together. Mixing metals is A Thing, and it’s easy to style. We asked the OB Jewellery Team for some helpful tips and product recommendations.

Can you wear gold and silver jewellery together?

Mixing metals is an effective way to style your jewellery and a great technique to create impact. It allows you to make the most of your collection, pairing gold, silver and costume finishes in one look. It really is as simple as it sounds, but these tips are a good place to start.

1. Balance is key

When it comes to mixing metals, balance is your best friend. Ensure that the pieces you choose don't overpower one another by alternating metals. For example, sandwich a silver necklace between two gold necklaces for a mixed metal stack.

2. Maximalist layering

Embrace the maximalist look by piling on gold and silver pieces. Think delicate gold hoop earrings paired with chunky silver chains. If you’re hesitant, starting with a mixed-metal piece of jewellery that combines two tones is a great way to create consistency. Mixing metals is a great way to experiment with your personal style and combine all the jewellery pieces you love.

3. Combine textures

Try combining different finishes to create a more nuanced look. High-shine gold and silver can look impactful together, while textured items can add contrast. Wear a polished gold bangle with a brushed silver ring, or smooth silver hoops with a textured gold cuff for an eye-catching combination.

How to wear mixed-metal jewellery

How to wear gold and silver necklaces and bracelets

The key to wearing mixed-metal bracelets and necklaces is all in the stacking. Alternate metals by layering chains and stacking bangles, or add one accent necklace in a different metal. The different styles of chains makes mixing metals on your neckline or wrist an easy way to experiment.

Keen to build your necklace stack? Read our guide to layering necklaces without tangling.

How to wear gold and silver earrings

When it comes to curating a mixed-metal ear stack, forget symmetry. Play with mismatched earrings – a gold stud here, a silver drop earring there. Earrings are great to experiment with as they are often small and subtle. Pairing the same style hoop in a different metal and size is a simple way to get your stack started, while combining gold hoops and silver studs and vice versa is a good everyday look if you have multiple piercings.

How to wear gold and silver rings

Mixed metal rings look great in an alternate pattern. Choose a handful of designs to mix, or stick to one metal and add an accent ring in the other. As rings tend to have greater personal meaning, often with a coloured stone or gem, this is a great way to show off your whole collection. Wearing rings with the same gemstone will tie the metals together and make the contrast less stark.