How to make a bed

1. Add a mattress topper to your mattress for additional comfort and support.

2. Fit the bottom sheet. Tuck a flat sheet in with ‘hospital corners’ for a hotel-look, or choose a fitted sheet for ease.

3. Insert your duvet into a duvet cover. Make sure the duvet inner is right up to the corners of the cover and give it a shake to remove any lumps and bumps.

4. Use a top sheet between the bottom sheet and duvet if you don’t want to wash your duvet so often.

5. Insert your pillows into your pillowcases and give them a plump so they look full and firm.

6. Add some throw cushions for a coordinated look.

7. Finish your bed with a bedspread, blanket or throw at the end for a layered look.

How to choose bed linen

‘Bed linen’ refers to all the soft furnishings that are used to dress a bed: sheets, duvet cover, pillowcases, cushions and throws. The bed is the focal point of your bedroom so choosing the right bed linen to match your room’s atmosphere is of high importance. Pick sheets with a high thread count, between 300-400 preferably, and opt for 100% cotton for a breathable material that will help regulate your temperature while you sleep.

If you’re unsure which colour bedsheets to opt for, white sheets provide a neutral base that’s easy to elevate with colourful cushions and throws. If you would like to update your bed linen seasonally, then choose deep ochres, rusts and emerald hues in autumn and winter months, and lean into neutral, pastel and brighter tones when spring and summer roll around.

Update your bedroom on a budget with reversible bedding. You can keep your bedroom bold and bright with colour-block designs or stick to the luxury aesthetic with a neutral toned side and subtle stripes on the reverse. Just remember to match your duvet to the season. Winter duvets should have a tog over 10, whereas summer duvets should have a tog between 1 and 7 to keep you cool.

Which pillowcases to choose

If you sleep with two pillows, you can create a cohesive bedscape, by matching the two bottom pillowcases to your bedsheet, and your two top pillowcases to your duvet. However, the eternal question of how to arrange pillows on a bed still remains… Stacked or propped? We’d recommend propping them if you prefer a clean, hotel-look and stacking them for a laidback, ready-to-snuggle feel.

How to dress a bed with cushions

Scattering cushions on your bed is one simple way to make it look like it was dressed by a designer. Depending on the size of your bed, you should choose around 3 to 6 cushions – but there’s no hard and fast limit.

Prefer a minimalist style? Pick block colour cushions in the same shape and material for a symmetrical look. Or, mix and match your patterns, cushion shapes and materials for an eclectic bedscape.

To arrange your scatter cushions, first smooth your duvet so it’s taut. Place the larger cushions at the back, propped against your pillows, and the smallest at the front. If you have cushions of varying shapes, place square cushions on the outer edges and rectangular ones in between for a framing effect. You can plump the cushions by picking each one up and squeezing around the edges so the fibres are evenly spread.

How to style throw blankets

Your throw blanket will provide that all important finishing touch to your bed, that will make guests want to jump in straight away. Cosy textures such as chunky knits, wool and faux fur provide an inviting look in winter months, whereas lightweight cotton and woven bed throws make a simple statement when the weather warms.

How you arrange the throw on your bed is key - soft, knitted throws look great draped over a corner of the bed for a casual look. Stiffer throws lend themselves to being neatly folded along the width of the bed, around two thirds of the way down. Fold your blanket into a concertina style so you can easily pull it up in the night, or get creative with knotted and spiral designs. For a layered look, add a bedspread to your bedscape. In jewel tones, velvet textures, pops of pattern and even metallic beading, pairing a bedspread and bed throw together is an easy way to add yet another layer while inserting colour and personality to your room.

The final touches

Don’t stop at updating your bed linen, give your sleep space a full refresh with ornaments and accessories that will make it more you. From choosing a new bedside table to hold your end-of-day essentials, to giving your space a welcoming signature scent with a diffuser, complete your boudoir with a new bedroom lighting for you to unwind in a soft and ambient glow.